Monday, October 24, 2011

People I've never met before

I feel like I have some new penpals lately.  I "met" Ann Martin, a paper-art expert and blogger extraordinaire of All Things Paper, when I commented on one of her posts about quilling.  I asked her how best to photograph my quilled book cover, so that the white background wouldn't come out gray.  She kindly responded, and we started a correspondence.  A few months later, she offered to feature my book cover on her blog.  This is all very exciting for me, because not only do I have a new friend in Deleware, but I have a connection with someone who does a type of artwork that I am just getting into and reading her blog inspires me to keep it up.  We've all read countless articles (or at least headlines) about how the internet is degrading our personal relationships, but in my case, it's helping me form them.  I'm at home a lot because I am a "stay at home mom" and have small children (and a husband) to care for.  But the internet allows me to be a part of a community in spite of that.  Thank you, Ann!  (And thank-you, internet).

Here's the posting:

Comment on it or on this posting - I'll see both :)

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