Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FINALLY available as an iBook on iTunes

It has taken a really long time due to the stupid hoops Apple makes you jump through to (directly) publish on iTunes....
drumroll please...
with much thanks to my brother Nicholas,
Secrets of a Summer Village is now for sale on the shelves of the iBookstore near you!

 Here it is on the iTunes Bookstore (in Germany) as seen on my MacBook:

And here it is as seen on Nicholas' iPad:

This has taken many months, and a lot of trying on my side, and a lot of time on Nicholas' side.  But it's there now, and I hope people buy it from the iBookstore, because it sure wasn't easy to get it on their "shelves"!


  1. Congratulations! I hope folks will buy it too, as it deserves to be read. I'm about halfway through and am enjoying it so much! I feel like I'm right there in Turkey with the characters and am learning a great deal about the culture - it's fascinating.

  2. Thanks, Ann! I am so glad that you like it - how cool that someone I have never met is reading my book (and enjoying it!)