Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Reviews!

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It is a sensitive expression of true friendship, respect and the difficulties of becoming an adult and a parent, in two, very different cultures. A wonderful read for anyone who appreciates travel and the generational vs. cultural differences in life.
This is the first e-book I have purchased and it was perfect for my daily train commutes. Each chapter brought me to far away places to witness another's adventure in Turkey and learn about myself through my experience of the story. Once finished, I immediately wanted to share it with my teenage daughter. This book was well written and I felt transported the reader not only to Turkey, but also back in time to reevaluate the difficulties of youth. A very enjoyable and refreshing account of a cultural exchange experience. I felt compassion for the challenges of the characters while enjoying my gift of hindsight. It is written through the eyes of teenagers experiencing the world outside of their comfort zone and culture. Embarrassingly naive at times and it reminds one of a time long gone by but not forgotten. Having been to Istanbul, I found the book to be a different experience than the hustle and bustle of a city adventure.
I would recommend every person, who wishes to be a voyeur in a lovely summer adventure and to share that adventure with friends, family or bookclubs, to read this book. It is nostalgia at its best, yet modern enough to actually happen to us, if we are lucky! I wish I could have read this book when I was a teenager and been that much wiser EARLIER!

This Christmas as one of her gifts to me, my Oma gave me this book. I am 13 years old (using my mom's account for this)and found 'Secrets of a Summer Village' an enjoyable read. I learned a bit about Turkish culture and found the character of Rachel highly entertaining...I had a hard time putting this book down.Now I wish to go on a trip like Rachel and share experiences. I love the cover and was inspired by how Saskia self published the book. Wow.


As one who travels, I love to read about different cultures. After reading "Secrets of a Summer Village," I found myself longing to be in this delightful place. The book is so descriptive that I could almost feel the sunshine and warmth of the Aagean Sea, as well as the warmth of the Turkish people.

During Rachael's visit, she discovers cultural differences, and also many similarities to the values from which she was raised.

It would be wonderful if more young people could experience a summer of discovery and adventure similar to Rachel's.

The next best thing to actually being there is reading this book.

Because of the extremes portrayed by the news media, the word "Muslim" has become a dirty word.
This book can help to change that stereotype and open one's mind to acceptance of others. For this reason, and also because the story is delightful and entertaining, I would recommend it to young and old alike, and would like to see it on a suggested school reading list.


I was thoroughly entertained and engaged by Secrets of a Summer Village. The characters are well-developed, particularly Rachel who is literally transformed during her summer in Turkey. Will there be a sequel, Ms Akyil? As an American, I particularly enjoyed being immersed in Turkish culture and glad to see that traditional customs are being carried out. The experiences and friendships of the teenagers present dilemmas that all teens face in any culture. Ms. Akyil has portrayed the challenges in a forthright fashion and I think there is a strong moral backbone. I have given the book to several of my friends who have teenage children and they couldn't put the book down.

This book is a delightful first book written by Saskia. I always especially enjoy books with an international background, and learning a little about Turkish family life was fascinating. I gave copies to granddaughters, and one immediately sat down to read it and enjoyed it as much as I did. I can't wait for her next book!


  1. Hey Saskia, Congratulations ! Someday I would like to read your book. But looking at the reviews tells me it will be a good one !

    1. Thanks, Hasan - I think you'll like it. It is hard to get in paper format in Turkey, but it's available for Kindle and iPad...