Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going International

An awesome blogger and prolific reader and reviewer in India has posted about my book on her blog: http://booksonmyshelves.blogspot.in/2012/05/secrets-of-summer-village.html.  As cool as that is, even cooler is that we have become "pen pals" for lack of a better word, with my book as the catalyst. 

My husband has his regular day job, and also has a side business selling fine wine over the internet.  I don't think we've made back the initial investment yet, but it's enriched our lives because it has helped us meet interesting people we wouldn't have otherwise met, and learn something new that we likely wouldn't have learned. 

The book seems to be life-enhancing in the same way.  Good reason to publish a book, and I'm not joking!

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