Friday, September 7, 2012

Writing space

I've never really had a good writing space before.  I just sort-of picked up my laptop and brought it wherever I wanted to write.  A desk, I had.  It was otherwise known as my dumping spot.  I complained that it was not a real desk, just a table.  I am not the least-organized person in the world.  After all, I manage to keep up with the personal appointments, laundry, nourishment, and paperwork of four people.  It has been mentioned that I could do a better job, yet I haven't been fired yet because nobody else is willing to do the job.  My desk really made me look bad, though.  Things would come in the mail, I'd collect our company's paperwork, the kids would bring home pictures, I would start writing holiday cards, and it would all end up in a pile on my desk until I sorted through it.  I was only somewhat aware of what was even on the desk.  My husband's desk, on the other hand, always looked very neat.  He also occasionally put papers on my desk. For me to sort through and take care of.  I was not very happy with the system.  One morning, our 6-year-old son got up at seven, and "neatened" my desk.  The organized piles of papers were now one disorganized pile of papers, but at least the desk could be seen.  "Don't mess it up again!" he warned me. 

As you can probably guess, writing at my desk was not an option. 

Well, now it is.  Presenting: the. coolest. desk. ever.

Now, my stuff is organized,  as there is a place to organize it.  I cannot dump stuff on her because she doesn't have much dumping space.  I plain old have to file things when I get them.  And for the other stuff, it has a place.  My cards, my colored pencils, my paint, my pens, my office supplies - they each have their own drawers.  Whether or not I will actually sit at my desk and type there as opposed to bringing my laptop to the most comfortable spot is yet to be seen.  But one thing for sure is that I will feel and be more organized, which will hopefully save me time.  And I will surely hand write cards there, because she's begging me to. 

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  1. I used to have the same problem as you - a large flat desk which simply collected endless piles of stuff. Then I got a rolltop with only one drawer and several cubbies, and now it's so organized and I do filing right away.

    However, if you're at all like me, you'll find that laptop work still doesn't take place at the desk! Somehow, simply having a laptop makes me look for a chair rather than a desk since it's more comfortable. Congratulations on your new desk, though - organization is a lovely thing.