Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Promoting Secrets of a Summer Village

I will not have the luxury of having any help from a publishing house to help me promote my novel. I will have to rely on my friends, family, and social/professional network. So far, here's who I will contact. Do you have any additional suggestions?

  1. Facebook Friends
  2. Friends and family via e-mail announcements
  3. TACAWA and other Turkish-American associations... and maybe also the Turkish associations in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa...
  4. My high school and universities
  5. My brothers' high school
  6. CIEE, EF and similar study-abroad programs and organizations
  7. The Olympian and Seattle Times newspapers (the main character in the book is from Olympia), The Gazette Telegraph of Colorado Springs (because my mother lives there), The Denver Post (because my father lives there)
  8. My EFL contacts at Turkish Universities - perhaps the book could be good reading material for students studying English?

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