Friday, November 25, 2011

Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2
1)   Aylin’s family spends the summer in a “summer house”, otherwise known as a vacation house.  While common in Turkey, this is not common in the United States.  Is it common in your country for middle-class families to have vacation homes?
2)   Did/do you study English in your country?  If so, do you think that you learned/learn useful things or more literary language?
3)   In her first e-mail, Aylin tells Rachel that she is “waiting for her with four eyes”.  This idiom is one that Aylin has translated word for word into Englishc, but makes no sense in English.  Can you think of any idioms in your language that would not translate well into English?
4)   Rachel tells Aylin that she’s “a junior”.  In the U.S. education system, there are special names for the first, second, third, and fourth years of high school and college/university: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, respectively.  Do you have a similar naming system for grade levels in your country?
5)   Rachel doesn’t know what kind of clothes to bring to Turkey.  This is in part because she knows that most people in Turkey are Muslim, and assumes that they dress very conservatively.  What is the “dress code” for teenage girls in your home country – either an official dress code of what is allowed, or a “social” one, dictated by society.


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