Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to write a book

I have lost count how many people have told me that they want to write a book.  I don't know if they just say it because it sounds cool or if they really have ideas about what to write, but it's really not an impossible feat.  Getting people to read it, well that is much harder.  With the insanely expanding self-publishing possibilities, publishing a book isn't even hard.  Here's how to write a book:

1. Come up with an idea.  Think about it a lot.  Think about whether or not you'd want to read it.  If you wouldn't like to read it, you probably wouldn't want to write it, since writing takes much longer.
2. Write the first chapter.  Once you're done, put it away for a few days and then read it again.  Make necessary changes.
3. Share it with someone or with lots of people.  Get feedback. Try not to be defensive.  Think about the feedback and make changes, as necessary.
4. Keep writing and repeating steps 3 and 4.

Writing can be really isolating, but getting feedback is essential to writing a book.  Check out sharing sites such as Movellas, which can help you get feedback from total strangers.  (Strangers will be much more honest and direct about your writing than your family and friends. Just saying).

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