Friday, March 9, 2012

Win a copy of my book

Have you ever heard of Goodreads?  If not, and if you like to read, I recommend that you visit the site. Once you've registered, you "add" the books you've read to your bookshelf and rate them.  You can also write reviews, if your heart desires.  Goodreads then recommends books you might like based on how you rated the books in your shelf.  You can also see what your friends have read (social networking, sort-of like Facebook for book geeks) and how they liked it.  It's all very social and nerdy at the same time.  The site will let you know if authors you've liked have new books coming out.

A unique feature of Goodreads is that there are giveaways.  Famous authors and virtually unknown authors (like me) alike offer copies of their new books in giveaways.  You can register to win the giveaways and the only thing you have to do if you win a giveaway is read the book and write a review of it on Goodreads.  Of course, they can't make you do it, but if you don't write a review, you probably won't win a book again.

I've joined the bandwagon and offered 500 3 copies of my book to be given away by March 20th, 2012.  500 people have registered to win.  Of course, people like free things, but it really is cheap publicity because many of them have put my book on their "to read" lists.  And maybe the recipients will actually write me reviews.  It's an exciting way to get the word out to people I don't even know.  If you'd like to register to win a copy, you can find the giveaway here:  I don't think the link will work unless you're a member of Goodreads, though.

How exciting to think that 500 people I would otherwise have had no access to have read what my book is about!

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