Saturday, March 17, 2012

My #1 Fan

My excellent day started out with an e-mail by my self-proclaimed #1 fan.  I do not know her, but she was given the book by a friend of mine.  Her e-mail made my day.  To think that I provided someone I do not even know with so much joy that she would write me the following e-mail gives me the energy and inspiration I need to keep on writing.  Here's the e-mail:

Hello, Ms. Amazing!
I LOVED your book!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its my favorite book by far!
I'm curious to know if you plan to write a sequel?  If you did, I would be the first one in the store, and read it every moment I get-that's how good The Secrets of a Summer Village was.
And also, where did you find inspiration to write this book?!  Were you inspired by one of your boys? Movie? (If it was a movie please tell me the name I must watch it!)  But if this all  just came to you,  then omg that is astonishing.
And even better- If this were a series, I would die and go to heaven!!!  I would save up, go out and buy a designer shelf saying 'The Best Series Ever!!'  No joking there. :)
Well that is all for now..... except for one thing-
If you reply, [omitted for privacy] 
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider writing a sequel or making it into a series.
You're the best!
Your #1 FAN,
[name omitted for privacy]

Who wouldn't be psyched by such an e-mail?!  Definitely inspires me to keep writing.

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